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CMP Client Wardrobe for Charleston Family and Newborn Sessions | FAQs

If you’ve followed CMP for a while, you have heard me mention my Client Wardrobe a time or two. I love being able to offer this service to my clients. It’s available for all Charleston family and newborn sessions – whether you’re a local or someone vacationing in the Lowcountry. Wardrobe is just one of the many pieces of the puzzle that make my images look the way they do.

I want your investment in your session to be worth it. I want you to feel beautiful because you are. And I want to create timeless images that tell your family’s story. Images that, years from now, will bring you back to this sweet season of life. I want you to look back at photos from your session feel something. What I don’t want you to do is regret wearing something that you didn’t love or won’t want to be printed in a frame next to your bed.

So without further ado, I am answering your FAQs and sharing why I started curating dresses for others to wear.

What is the Client Wardrobe and why do you offer it?

The Client Wardrobe is a collection of carefully curated dresses that full session clients can borrow from for their session.

The Client Wardrobe is a product of my own struggle to find outfits that would not only compliment my postpartum body but also photograph well. I regret that I missed out on being in the photo with my two boys because I wasn’t confident enough. I kept saying I’ll schedule a session once I lose this many pounds or when I find the perfect dress.

My goal is to make the session process as easy and stress-free as possible for busy mamas. I know that searching for the perfect outfits can sometimes feel like a chore and I don’t want any Mom or family to have to worry about that. I also want to help you create classic images that will complement any room where you display your framed artwork or display heirloom albums.


What dress will work best for my session and how do I choose?

Always start by picking Mom’s outfit first! I always recommend mini or maxi-length dresses so you are comfortable sitting and playing with kids.

Complimented by the beautiful colors in Charleston SC, I have found that neutrals and soft pastels photograph beautifully in both film and digital images. I’m drawn to soft textures, feminine styles, delicate patterns, and colors that won’t distract your eye from all of the love in that image.

When I’m selecting dresses for the wardrobe, I’m looking for styles that are classic and romantic. Typically they show movement when you’re twirling or dancing with your littles. Most of my wardrobe dresses have sleeves and a-line shape, or at least some defined waistline.

What is the wardrobe process like?

When you reserve your session date on my schedule, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to view an online gallery with images from each of the dresses in the Client Wardrobe.

Once you input your email address, you can select your favorite dresses in the gallery by choosing the heart icon on the image.

From there, I design styling inspiration boards with the dresses you selected and options for everyone else in the session so you can get a good visual of what your styling will look like. You can see an example of that here!

You may choose a pre-session consultation to try on the dresses the month before your session. Most Mamas feel confident enough to wait until 1-2 days before the session when I drop off your top 3 favorite options. This allows you to decide in the comfort of your own home which you like best and wear it to your session. The dresses arrive in a garment bag steamed and ready to wear.

In some cases, we can arrange a time to meet after your session to return the dresses, but the majority change right after the session in a portable changing tent that I provide or step into a local hotel to change. I know that sounds a little odd, but it’s super convenient for everyone!


What sizes do you offer?

Everything from XS to XXL. And if I don’t have your size in the style you are looking for, I source options and will purchase the dress for you unless you prefer to purchase it on your own.

Will this save me money in the long-run for my family’s photoshoot?

YES! And it will be so much less stressful than buying multiple options and having to return them. Think about the costs involved in preparing for your session, purchasing outfits for everyone and the stress involved. By taking your own outfit (typically the most expensive) out of the equation, you can invest that in the session itself or heirloom products after you’ve received your gallery. I don’t know about you but I’d much rather buy a framed print than purchase a dress I may not wear again.


Can I try dresses on before the week of my session?

Yes, we can arrange an in-person consultation if you’d like to try the dresses on further in advance.

What if I’m not local to Charleston and only in town for a limited time?

No problem – that’s actually the best part about it! You won’t have to worry about traveling with outfits, forgetting items, or steaming your dress! Most of the time I can drop the dress of the day before or a few hours prior to your session. With multiple options for each Mama, I’ve never had a client not find something they love even on the day of the session!

What safety precautions are you taking during the pandemic?

Every single dress is washed and steamed, or dry cleaned, after heading to a client’s home. Even if it isn’t worn, it gets cleaned. I take this very seriously and treat these dresses like my babies, even when we’re not facing a pandemic.

Caitlyn-Motycka-Photography-Client-Wardrobe_0111.jpgCaitlyn Motycka Photography Client WardrobeCaitlyn-Motycka-Photography-Client-Wardrobe_0017.jpg

What if I don’t want to wear something from the wardrobe? 

That is totally ok! I still provide styling inspiration boards for you and can help you find options that will photograph well. I just find deciding on Mom’s dress is a perfect starting point, so if you want to purchase your own I can help with that too! Some of my favorite places to shop are Rachel Pally, Show Me Your Mumu, ASOS, Nothing Fits But, and Sleeper to name a few!

Do you offer wardrobe for children? 

Yes! This collection started after purchasing so many precious, small shop outfits for my own kids that were worn once before they grew out of them! I now have both boy and girl options from newborn to size 6.


Interested in seeing more of the Client Wardrobe, check out our blog where more are featured.

Caitlyn Motycka is an award-winning Charleston Family, Maternity and Newborn Photographer based out of Charleston, SC. Service areas include Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, James Island, Folly Beach, and surrounding areas.

If you’re looking for a family photographer in Charleston and interested in scheduling a session, contact me here! Let’s take some pretty pictures together!

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